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Pyramid Certified Classrooms

Are you committed to designing an effective educational environment? Is your goal to help each student achieve his highest potential? Pyramid Certified Classrooms are an excellent option. This is an intense and comprehensive program that involves both training and consultation components. We will arrange for all staff to attend the Pyramid Five- Day Training. Staff may choose to attend the days consecutively or the training days can be spread across the year. One of our expert consultants will guide your classroom to implement all components explored during the training dates. Certification is granted once the classroom demonstrates inclusion of all components of the Pyramid.


What is the Pyramid? The Pyramid Approach to Education was designed by Andy Bondy, Ph.D. and Beth Sulzer-Azaroff, Ph.D. It is a model based upon broad spectrum Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). As such, all components are research-based and imperative for building an effective educational environment. These components include: functional activities, reinforcement systems, functional communication, identification and replacement of contextually inappropriate behaviours, generalization, lesson formats, teaching strategies, error correction and data collection/analysis. Our consultants will lead the discussions regarding the importance of each component. Each team member will practice and role-play the implementation of each element. Two days of training are devoted to instruction regarding the Picture Exchange Communication System PECS. Each participant will receive the Second Edition PECS Training Manual and the Pyramid Approach to Education Book. Each classroom will receive Large Communication Book, PECS 151 Pictures, Complete Visual Reinforcement System and Audio Reinforcement Reminder Tones CD


An expert consultant will guide you and your team members to implement all components of the Pyramid. Observations, modeling and feedback will be provided during each consultative visit. Detailed written recommendations will also be provided.


The benefits of this certification are numerous. A few examples may include:


Provisional Certification:

To receive provisional certification, the classroom must demonstrate inclusion of all base elements (Functional Activities, Reinforcement Systems, Functional Communication, and Behavior Management Plans) within the first year. A minimum of five written lesson plans must also be completed.

Full Certification:

A full certificate is awarded once the following components are in place:

Renewal of Certification:

Certificates are awarded on a yearly basis. For certification renewal, minimal ongoing consultation should remain in effect (either live or via video submission). If scores remain at acceptable levels, then the certificate is renewed. Should scores fall below the acceptable levels, the Pyramid consultant will notify the team in a timely manner. Correction strategies will be discussed with the classroom staff and program administrator. Pyramid will only certify classrooms that achieve and maintain high levels of quality Pyramid implementation.

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