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Pyramid Workshops

Pyramid Educational Consultants UK offers an extensive selection of training workshops to fit the needs of any parent and/or professional. Please see the following detailed information regarding each of our workshops.

PECS Series

The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) Series consists of trainings and consultation specifically related to the understanding and use of PECS. These include an overview, basic and advanced training workshops, and consultation options. This series also incorporates PECS certification training at both the Implementer and Supervisor levels.

Pyramid Approach Series

The Pyramid Approach Series includes a variety of workshops and consultation services designed to assist teachers, therapists, paraprofessionals, and family members with the opportunity to optimize learning and performance of students who face developmental challenges. These include how to implement the Pyramid Approach to Education model within schools, communities, and within the home. The Pyramid Approach provides a framework that focuses on meeting students’ individual learning needs by combining a unique blend of broad spectrum applied behavior analytic, evidence-based strategies, with a special emphasis on methods for promoting functional communication, academic, and social skills.

Special Talk Series

The Special Talk Series involves presentations that last from one hour to a full day.  A variety of topics address many of the latest issues in autism and developmental disabilities. Topics include the language of emotions, how speech-language pathologists can learn about the principles and strategies behind Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), myths and misconceptions about PECS, how administrators can best provide services, expanding picture discrimination strategies and how to transition  PECS users to other communication modalities.

PECS Series

PECS Level 1 (Basic) 2 Day Workshop

PECS Level 2 (Advanced) 2 Day Workshop

Pyramid Approach Series

Guide to Managing Challenging Behaviour - Parent Workshop

Guide to Managing Challenging Behaviours

PECS in your Curriculum (Formerly - Teachers Guide to Organising and Managing the Classroom)

Teaching Critical Communication skills: HELP! I cannot WAIT to ask for a BREAK and more

Supporting Older Students and Adults using PECS & the Pyramid Approach

Pyramid Approach to Education: Creating Effective Educational Environments for All Learners

Special Talk Series

Transitioning from PECS to Speech Generating Devices (SGDs) Full Day

Language of Emotions with Dr Andy Bondy


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