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PECS® Certification Program

The Picture Exchange Communication System® (PECS®) is an evidence-based practice that is supported by a large body of research from around the world. PECS is successfully implemented when the protocol is carefully followed. To assure high quality of PECS implementation, Pyramid Educational Consultants offers a PECS Certification Program.

The PECS Certification Program is designed so individuals can validate their PECS knowledge, skills, and practice in successfully implementing the PECS methodology. Individuals who successfully complete the levels of the program will obtain recognition as a Certified PECS Implementer™ or Certified PECS Manager™.

There are three (3) levels of PECS Certification, each building on the knowledge and skills gained from the previous level:

PECS Level 1 Certified Implementer
PECS Level 2 Certified Implementer
PECS Certified Manager

For more information about each PECS Certification Level please click here.

PECS Certification is designed to:

  - Foster and maintain quality assurance of PECS implementation
  - Enhance the effectiveness of PECS programs
  - Publicly acknowledge skill sets that commensurate with each certification level
  - Provide and assess the knowledge basis for appropriate PECS implementation
  - Provide employers with a tool to identify skilled PECS implementers

Who should become certified?
A professional or parent working with children or adults who have autism, developmental disabilities, and/or limited communication, who has attended a PECS Training Workshop and who implements PECS.
People who are PECS Certified are not licensed PECS Trainers or Consultants. Certification is a voluntary credentialing process to assess and measure one’s competence in the PECS teaching protocol.

For more information about the PECS Certification Program, please click here.

To register for PECS Certification and/or to complete certification online through the Pyramid Online Learning Portal go to

If you have limited internet access and/or prefer to complete the process via mail and/or email click here to download the PECS Certification Application. For Terms & Conditions click here


Picture Exchange Communication System®, PECS®, and Pyramid Approach to Education® are the registered trademarks of Pyramid Educational Consultants, Inc.

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