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A variety of consultation services are available to meet the needs of your organization. Our skilled consultants all have extensive experience implementing PECS and the Pyramid Approach in a variety of environments including: public schools; private schools; homes; group homes; day treatment settings; community; clinics and hospital settings. Our consultants are available to meet with any/all members of the learner’s educational team. Consultation generally focuses on establishing an effective communicative environment and teaching your learners the necessary skills to become a functional communicator. The learner’s PECS level will be assessed and probes for continued training will be conducted during each consult visit. Consultation services are appropriate for learners of any age and/or skill level.

PECS Start-Up™:

The PECS Start-Up is appropriate for learners with no prior training in PECS. Our consultants will begin with a brief overview of the PECS protocol, which includes relevant information for establishing effective communicative environments. Family and/or professionals will have a chance to practice each of the early phases of PECS implementation within a structured training session. A reinforcer assessment will be conducted, as the first lesson will be to teach the learner to request a preferred/reinforcing item. Next, Phase I trials will be conducted with the learner, with family/professionals participating in active training. Additional phases will be implemented as appropriate. The Nine Critical Communication Skills will also be assessed. Detailed recommendations will be discussed with all team members prior to the end of the session. A comprehensive report will be delivered within two weeks of the consultation.

PECS Check-Up™:

Are you working with learners having difficulty progressing through the phases of the protocol? Would you like assistance in problem solving trouble areas? The PECS Check-Up may be the perfect solution. It is appropriate for learners with some background training in PECS. A Pyramid consultant will observe staff implementing PECS with the learner and will offer recommendations for further progress. The consultant will discuss and demonstrate the next phase(s) of PECS. Additionally, the Nine Critical Communication Skills will be assessed and discussed. Activities are tailored to the learner’s particular needs but could include lecture, videos, role-playing and question and answer. A detailed report will follow within two weeks with recommendations for the next steps in the learner’s PECS training.

Classroom Consultation:

Would you like ongoing assistance in teaching communication skills to your learner? Or would you like assistance in creating and/or fine-tuning an effective educational environment within the classroom setting? Ongoing PECS and/or Pyramid consultation will be extremely beneficial. Arrangements can be made for re-occurring visits based upon the learner’s needs. A variety of options are available ranging from weekly to monthly to yearly visits. Our exceptional staff will work with you to find the perfect option for you and your child/learner.

Pyramid Certified Classrooms:

Pyramid Classroom Certification is an intense and comprehensive service that involves both training and consultation components. All staff will attend the Pyramid Five-Day Training to learn how to establish an effective learning environment. One of our expert consultants will then guide your classroom to implement all components explored during the training dates. Certification is granted once the classroom demonstrates inclusion of all components of the Pyramid.

Community Consultation:

It is imperative that our learners with developmental disabilities learn appropriate skills for independence within the community setting. Our consultants will assess the learner’s current level of functioning during community outings. Recommendations will be provided related to increased independence including issues related to communication, participation and appropriate behaviour.

PECS Intensive Programme:

For Professionals

The Intensive Programme focuses on the implementation of PECS for learners ages 2-8 years. The program is appropriate for learners that have never used PECS, as well as those learners who are currently struggling with progression through the phases.

The main aim is to develop functional communication skills with the students rather than teach to the National Curriculum. A further goal will be to improve staff skills  to implement PECS with their students accurately and at a high level and across the day. Also to increase the likelihood that PECS skills gained by the children will be maintained over time by the staff members working with them regularly.


Further information on PECS Intensive Programme for Professionals

Distance PECS Consultation:

Do you live in a rural area? Or are you located far from any of our local consultants? No problem! Videos of PECS implementation and/or program activities averaging in length from 30-60 minutes may be submitted to our consultants for review. The consultant will review the video and provide feedback and written recommendations.