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PECS Testimonials

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Earlier this year, Pyramid founders and PECS developers, Andy Bondy and Lori Frost, visited the Saplings School in Poznan, Poland and were presented with a lovely book made by the parents and staff thanking them for PECS and describing the incredible impact PECS has had on their children's lives. We love it so much we decided to share!

PECS Basic Training

“I found this course outstanding!! It has been a perfect time for me to attend as I have been using PECS (although not perfectly!) for 3 months now and I can now amend my practise. Julia was a fantastic presenter and I have learned a lot. Thanks!!”

Attendee, Edinburgh

“Great workshop – can’t wait to start using PECS. Made me realise how much I should be using it in school and the number of opportunities in the school day to use it that I am not.”

Attendee, London

“The workshop has been invaluable – I was very confused about the use/purpose of PECS and now I feel that I can hopefully make a difference in my pupils’ lives and the lives of their families. Thank you!!”

Attendee, Liverpool

“I have received ‘in house’ training previously and thought I had good knowledge of PECS . . . . I suddenly realised that I didn’t know much at all. A very informative & enjoyable course, giving lots of advice & ideas to take away, also with the knowledge that further help and support can be gained if needed.”
Attendee, Cork

“I thought the course was excellent – one of the best I have ever attended. Presenters were excellent – very clear, information, focussed. I especially like the asides they shared about own experiences and real life encounters. Well done! Big star for you both!”
Attendee, Derry

“Although I have used PECS in the past, I realise I have made mistakes and now feel more confident and informed and will use it better at home and in work situations.”
Parent Attendee, Client workshop, Newry

“I have really enjoyed this, and it has opened my eyes to the possibilities of Matt’s communication – Thank You!”
Attendee, Sheffield

“I would lust like to say thank you for sharing all your hard work and knowledge with us. It is obvious that you and your team have really pushed hard to ensure you have as many options as possible to give children/adults etc a chance to communicate. I think the work is amazing – Thank you!”
Attendee, London

“I have worked along side people who’d done the training a long time ago – had adapted the method and became confused with the steps. So much clearer now, can’t wait for new school year to support a school who uses PECS but could be helped to be even more successful”
Attendee, Cardiff

“One of the most relevant, interesting and useful training courses I have ever been on in my career as a special needs teacher – Thank you!”
Attendee, Boston UK

“A must for anyone wishing to implement PECS effectively, and left me feeling fired up and ready for action with my son!”
Attendee Crawley

Email - I attended the course you ran in Liverpool 21/22nd June I just wanted to send you an email to say a really big thank you – I am a speech and language therapist and the course you ran was fantastic – I came away feeling really motivated and empowered. The ideas you gave me are going to be really beneficial. A massive thank you once again.

“Particularly interesting and helpful to complete the workshop for the second time”
Attendee, Darlington

“I have been challenged, motivated and excited by the potential to gain the skills to help my son unlock a new world of communication. You addressed the needs of professional and parents throughout the course. Thank you”
Parent Attendee, Peterborough

“The best training I have ever been on. The background information made me understand why things are done in a certain way.”
Attendee, Leeds

“Thank you for an extremely enjoyable and excellently delivered programme. The best professional training I have received to date! Both presenters were confident, competent and enthusiastic about PECS – they were inspiring and would motivate anyone to take PECS on board. A great programme – well done all involved a lot of hard work and organisation involved.”
Attendee, Dublin

“I found this very helpful. It is good to fully understand PECS and to see how if it is done correctly the outcome is always so positive – Thanks”
Attendee, Crawley

“This is a rare course – extremely interesting and inspiring. I am ready. Thank you”
Attendee, Southampton

“A very enjoyable course, giving clear insight into the benefits of using PECS”
Attendee, Newcastle

“The thought of having to sit and listen for 2 days filled me with dread!! Thank you both for two very interesting days full of relevance! They were very informative and full of humour. I actually feel I have learnt something”.
Attendee, Eastbourne

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course, and am looking forward to using it in the classroom and seeing the results – Thank you “.
Attendee, Eastbourne

“Thoroughly enjoyed course – presenter was brilliant. Horrified to realise how wrong we are doing PECS in our class! I am excited/nervous about starting & helping our children. Thank you very much”.
Attendee, Exeter

“I am a trainer myself and really enjoyed watching your presentation and got lots of ideas – Well done! You have really enthused me!! Thank you”.
Attendee, Cardiff

“Thank you for helping my daughter find her voice.”
Dublin workshop, parent

“I thought the course was excellent – one of the best I have ever attended. Presenters were excellent – very clear, informative and focused.
Attendee, Glasgow

“A brilliant workshop! This course has given me the confidence to use PECS and know I will use PECS correctly.”
SNA, Derry

“I was told by other staff at work how enthusiastic I would feel after the two days but I now KNOW what they mean. I can’t wait to get back and put it into practice.”
Teacher, London

“Excellent format throughout two days – only training I have ever attended where I found EVERY bit of info to be applicable and vital.”
SLT, London
“Could not have been better. Format appealed to all learning styles and presenter fantastic at engaging us, giving examples, explaining, etc. Favourite things were examples and videos as they made it much easier to apply the theory to real life.”
SLT, Canterbury

“Whole 2 days were mindblowingly useful – informative, fantastic presentation.”
Teacher, Canterbury

“This course was highly recommended by lots of people to me but it met and exceeded my expectations. Most interesting course I have ever been on.”
Teacher, Cambridge

“thanks for a very informative and content-filled couple of days. The most useful course I’ve attended to date!”
Teacher, Newcastle

PECS Level 2 Advanced 2-Day Workshop

“Brilliant workshop – very informative.”
Attendee, London

“I realise I have developed some ‘bad habits’, which I now know how to rectify. Brilliant advice and guidance that I look forward to using to solve some of the problems I was experiencing.”
Attendee, Manchester

“Clearly explained and delivered. I feel I can correct wrong approaches.”
Teaching Assistant, Manchester

“Excellent, thorough explanation and demonstration of common difficulties experienced using PECS and how to correct this.”
SLT, Attendee Glasgow

“I learned some new skills through today’s workshop, and look forward to introducing new ways of communicating to our students. This was a very motivating day!”
Attendee, Portlaoise

“An excellent workshop. Extremely helpful, well presented and above all interesting. Presenter gave superb examples.”
Education Consultant, Manchester (client workshop)

“Excellent – every special school should have all staff fully trained!”
Teacher, Manchester (client workshop)

“Very useful course to reinforce good practice, refresh ideas and inspire us all again. Can’t wait to get back and use this new knowledge!”
Attendee, London

“This course was excellent. Made me think again of how to use PECS in my classroom – very excited about using these ideas.”
Attendee, Sheffield


A Teacher's Guide to Organising & Managing the Classroom

“Very informative and useful. It’s given me more ideas for the classroom and will help me expand the use of PECS in school.”

Attenhdee Leeds

“Excellent - one of the best courses I have attended! Could all teachers be sent on this course to enhance their understanding and reduce stress for all?”
Delegate Liverpool

“This course has give me lots of idea and activities. The videos were useful to see how to motivate students. I feel more motivated! Thanks for an interesting day.”
Attendee, London

“Great workshop with ideas that are achievable at every level.”
Attendee, London

“Helped me to see how I could use PECS efficiently within the National Curriculum, particularly within the subjects of Maths and English. Thoroughly enjoyable course and highly motivating!”
Attendee, Dublin

“Very informative. Makes me rethink and consider some of my lessons. I now know how to improve them to make them more functional and useful for my students.”
Attendee, Newcastle

Guide to managing Challenging Behaviour

“The most informative course I have attended in relation to supporting/changing behaviour in a positive way. Thank you.”

Attendee, Glasgow

“This course was exactly what I was looking for. I wish when I’d left the hospital after his birth I had this course handout given to me. Thank you – we’ll start from here and stay in touch.”

Attendee, London

“I enjoyed this positive workshop that will reinforce for staff how we should be thinking about and working with our students”
Teaching Assistant, London

“Brilliant, really enjoyable day. “
Attendee, Glasgow

“Relevant with practical advice. Realistic!”
Attendee, Leeds

“A fascinating course with a huge amount of information.”
Attendee, Cardiff

“This is my second course and they have both been fantastic. The presenters have been outstanding. I will be back later this year, simply because of the quality of the course and the way it’s presented.”
Care Manager, Attendee Manchester

Teaching Critical Communication Skills

“Thought-provoking with useful demonstrations and advice. I enjoyed the opportunity to discuss how to apply this to individual students.”
Attendee, London

“Really enjoyed the course – lots of new ideas!”
Attendee, Cardiff

“Enjoyable day with lots of ideas to take away. Made me reflect on my teaching.”
Teacher, Manchester

“Essential for a parent of a child with ASD. I learned so much!”
Parent, Leeds

“I always find these workshops useful – they fill me with renewed enthusiasm and are so enjoyable. I have created a good communication environment in my setting using all the skills Pyramid taught me.”
Attendee, London

“Really enjoyed the course – lots of new ideas! Practical examples were broken down into manageable steps with very clear directions.”
Attendee, Glasgow

Moving from PECS to SGDs

“Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, gained a lot of new knowledge with regards to PECS communication and SGD.”

“Enlightening, informative and very helpful towards my work role. Brilliant course, thank you. X”

“A great session. Answered lots of questions we are currently being asked regarding SGD. Reinforced our thinking/ reservations for very young children at early stages.  Thanks.”

“Excellent workshop. Very useful for wide range of clients, will definitely be referring to these notes again!”

PECS Overview

“Thank you so much for this day– it was good to meet you. Our staff were really grateful for your input and as I commented to you it was beneficial for our staff from Upper School to understand the principals of PECS. Thanks again and here are some comments about the PECS Overview day"

“It helped me to understand the development and application of PECS”

“It was good and Zena covered a lot of ground in a little time”

“A lot of interesting and useful information”

“The day gave me a lot to think about how PECS can be used with my class”


Useful with behaviour management issues”

Pitcheroak school

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