Pyramid Classroom Certification combines comprehensive training and consultative guidance to support education teams in building effective learning environments using the Pyramid Approach to Education.

The Pyramid Approach provides an organised integrated framework that focuses on teaching the team how to meet students’ individual learning needs by combining a unique blend of broad spectrum applied behaviour analytic, evidence-based strategies, with a special emphasis on methods for promoting functional communication, academic and social skills. As the team implements the 9 elements of the Pyramid, an assessment is used to guide and track progress. Certification is granted once the classroom demonstrates inclusion of all components of the Pyramid Approach.


Each team member will complete the following trainings:

Trainings consist of lecture, discussions, video review, team planning, group activities, practice and role-play.


Team members will be guided by one of Pyramid’s expert consultants to implement all components of the Pyramid. The team will know ahead of time which elements of the Pyramid Approach will be reviewed. Observations, modelling and feedback will be provided during each consultative visit. Each team will receive written recommendations.


  • Access to the experts: Your program has access to the entire Pyramid team, including the founders Andy Bondy, PhD and Lori Frost, MS, CCC-SLP.
  • Improved student performance: Your students will make significant progress throughout the year.
  • Increased staff satisfaction: You will likely see reduced staff turnover as a result of a well-trained team working together from a common, solid skill base.
  • Increased parent satisfaction: Parents will feel comfortable that their children are receiving high quality instruction and that you committed to go the extra mile to provide them with the best in educational services.
  • Enhanced program/school reputation: You can inform community, professionals and parents about the “Pyramid Certified Classroom(s)” located at your facility. Your school will be recognised on our global website as meeting the exacting standards of the high quality Pyramid Certified Classroom.


Full Certification: A full certificate is awarded when the team demonstrates inclusion of all 9 Pyramid elements: Functional Activities, Reinforcement Systems, Functional Communication, addressing contextually inappropriate behaviours, Generalisation, Lesson Formats, Effective Teaching/Prompting Strategies, Error Correction Procedures, and Collecting and Analysing Data.


The certification is awarded on a 2 year basis (the school year it was obtained and one school year following), to maintain certification during this time period

  • Continue to have ongoing consultation, at least. quarterly/termly
  • Implement the elements of Pyramid Approach, as measured by Pyramid Certification Checklist. If all sections of the Pyramid Checklist are not met, Pyramid consultant will discuss a course of action with the team.
  • Ideally team members will remain consistent. If the majority of the team changes or if the team leader changes, they will need to attend the required trainings.

Renewal of Certification:

After the initial 2 year period, each classroom can renew the certificate. The renewal requirements consist of the following:

  • Assessment day to look at all elements of the Pyramid
  • Attend training to refresh concepts/topics: topics will be determined based on clinical need (minimum of 2 days)
  • Consultation as needed to ensure all elements of the Pyramid continue to maintain at a passing level

Additional services that can be combined with the Pyramid Certified Classroom: these options compliment and may be added to the Pyramid Certified Classroom service

  • Additional Onsite Classroom Visits
  • Distance Classroom Visits
  • PECS Implementer Certification: Level 1, Level 2, PECS Manager
  • Leadership Training

For more information about setting up a Pyramid Certified Classroom, please contact Louise Hotchkiss at or call +44 (0)1273 609555.