PECS Discrimination Training Alternatives DVDs

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This set is a must have for any professional or personal resource library. Picture discrimination is necessary to increase independence in any environment. This DVD series will provide instructors and parents with a truly valuable tool to achieve this goal! Phase III of the Picture Exchange Communication System teaches picture discrimination. This skill has typically been taught using “match to sample” type lessons. While successful for a few students, this lesson format is difficult for many students because it is not associated with a functional outcome. Phase III of PECS teaches picture discrimination within a very functional and reinforcing context. This three module DVD series targets numerous alternative picture discrimination strategies to utilise if your student has not mastered Phase IIIA. The series briefly reviews the teaching protocol for Phase IIIA and the 4-step error correction procedure. Throughout the three DVDs, instructors and parents learn alternative strategies that are easy to implement and require very little preparation. We discuss and demonstrate three “orientation” strategies to help students who are not looking at the pictures. We provide examples of ways to visually modify the symbols and we discuss successful strategies to be utilised with individuals with visual impairment.

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