Do you ever worry about how safe your students are in their relationships? Do you think that they might be vulnerable to abuse? You may work with students who indiscriminately sit on people’s laps or hug a stranger; or alternatively an adult with learning difficulties who is capable of having close intimate connections, but you worry about the speed of which they enter these relationships. These are common concerns and situations for any parent or care giver.

It is well acknowledged that this need; to educate children and young people about relationships and social safety, is not being met at the moment. The SoSAFE! Programme is a visual teaching tool which enables learners to develop their abilities in managing; and communicating about their relationships. The program covers all degrees of interaction; from a student’s expectations of strangers, to the intricacies of an intimate relationship.

SoSAFE! moves away from making feelings based decisions so we can enable and empower our learners to make their own judgments about what is okay to do with specific people.

SoSAFE! provides a format which is portable and easy to understand, meaning that any student can discuss their relationships at any time. By giving students a set of ‘rules’ for different relationships they are better placed to realise when a relationship may not be acceptable and then have the tools to report potential abuse.

If you want your students to have more success in safer relationships; but there is a gap in your knowledge that prevents you from doing this, then SoSAFE! is the framework for you. Teach them to be SoSAFE!

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What you will learn

  • Discuss the history of and reasons for teaching social safety
  • Identify characteristics of students and how best to support them
  • Explore how to practically implement the SoSAFE! tool kit
  • Learn how to teach explicit consent to any user
  • Discover how to apply SoSAFE! to real life scenarios

You can find further information on the SoSAFE Programme at

Workshop Details

Agenda: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Registration Time: 8:30 AM - 9:00 AM

Tuition Includes: Detailed Handouts with space for note taking, Certificate of Attendance, lunch and refreshments

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