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The SMARTSACK™ is a versatile and durable storage solution for your student’s education needs. With three storage pockets, there is plenty of room for all of your student’s key support tools. The large pocket is the perfect size for the large PECS® communication book or other communication aid; leaving the second pocket free for visual reinforcement systems and reinforcers. The innovative insulated pocket is also perfect for keeping drinks cool. All SMARTSACK’S™ come with a public posting card, so that key information about the student can be detailed for all team members to easily see. This personalisation prevents confusion over multiple students’ communication books in any classroom.

While in the classroom, this neat storage system enables each student to have an uncluttered desk, whilst keeping their communication books close to hand. When they are on the go, resources can be easily transported, by the student, using the carry strap. The SMARTSACK™ can be easily cleaned, so ideal for learning experiences during sensory play and art activities. This multifunctional storage solution is the perfect tool to promote independence and communication across the day for your students.

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